Gramm emphasized the importance of Hansen finding his own voice: “I don’t think he should replicate my performances exactly. He maybe he can borrow some parts, but he must show his own influences and show the fans that he is the current singer, not me.”

In a recent conversation with’s John Beaudin, Lou Gramm shared his thoughts on Kelly Hansen’s performance as Foreigner’s current vocalist, a role she has played for nearly two decades.

Lou expressed: “Kelly is fine. She is a good singer. But I think Mick [Jones, Foreigner’s founding guitarist and leader] made it clear to Kelly, when he joined the band, that he should study my style, because he performs those songs with the same musical subtleties, vocal licks and ad-libs. that I. He is imitating me. Although his voice is not similar to mine, she interprets the songs as I would.”

Some might consider it a compliment, but Gramm has a different perspective: “I don’t see it as a compliment. When you’re a singer in such an iconic band, you have to use your voice and your style. Don’t hang on my perch.”

Gramm emphasized the importance of Hansen finding her own voice: “I don’t think she should replicate my performances exactly. Maybe he can borrow some parts, but he must show his own influences and show the fans that he is the current singer, not me.”

When asked about his experience sharing the stage with Hansen and other past and present members of Foreigner in 2017 and 2018 to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary, Lou commented, “It was interesting. [Kelly] was full of energy. He couldn’t stay still for a moment. After each song, he barely had time to address the audience or express his gratitude for being part of the reunion. At the end of a song, there was barely a moment before he started interacting loudly with the audience… It was like saying, ‘Could you be quiet for a moment?'”

When asked if he felt his time with Foreigner had come to an end, Lou replied, “I think so. I don’t feel like moving forward with it. Unfortunately, Ian [McDonald, guitar] and Ed Gagliardi [bass] have passed away, although Ed didn’t participate in the reunions. Two of the six original members are no longer here. And Mick is struggling with his health. I’ve heard that now he only comes out on stage for one song and then steps back. Previously, he used to play for the second half of the set, but he was hospitalized for weeks due to heart problems. His recovery was long and difficult. Now it seems he only comes out for one song, when he does. Most of the time, Foreigner performs without any of its original members.”

Gramm, the powerhouse vocalist behind the band’s greatest hits, from classics like “Feels Like The First Time” and “Cold As Ice” from their 1977 self-titled debut, to later anthems like “Hot Blooded” and “I Want to Know What Love Is”.

At 72, Gramm bid farewell to Foreigner in 2002, grappling with health challenges, including the removal of a benign tumor. Although he mentioned retirement in an interview with the Democrat & Chronicle in 2018, he still shared the stage with the band for several shows that year.

In 2005, Foreigner welcomed Hansen as their new vocalist following Gramm’s departure. Jones, the sole remaining founding member, faced health issues starting in 2011, eventually leading to heart surgery in 2012.

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